Comunication with  peoples from the most distant countries becomes more active. We want to communicate easily in any country of the world. We want to make friends at different continents, to study in foreign universities & to run our business at  international market.

A big variety of services by interpreting, learning of foreign languages & a special course “Russian for foreigners” is proposed for you.

Nowadays knowledge of foreign languages became one of the necessary conditions to reach  prosperity in different spheres of activity. No matter  which purpose you want to reach by means  of foreign language, learning of language by proposed methods will become a bridge for reaching of your aim & realization of your plans. You can choose any course which will be interested for you.

  • Common course of foreign language in groups for adults
    ( since 18 y.o.) and for teenages (since 12 y.o. up to 18 y.o.),
  • Course of Business language,
  • Course for those who want to immigrate,
  • Course for those who want to enter institute  (the faculty of foreign language)
  • Course for preparation to pass international exams TOEFL and IELTS
  • Corporative lessons,
  • Individual lessons

    And you’ll be able to master one or   some foreign languages. My aim is not only your successful mastering of foreign language, but also your successful application of it in necessary sphere. Having read the responses of my students about my teaching, you’ll be able to imagine how much interesting, easy & effective lessons you’ll have. But as we say in Ukraine “it is better once to see then to listen thousand of times”. Having visited the lessons, you’ll be able to check it yourselves.

   As for interpreting , I’d like to emphasize that I have many years work experience, and I make interpreting taking into an account mentality of foreigners, their culture & traditions. 

  A novelty - special course “Russian for foreigners”  was developed specially for foreigners who want to feel confidently in another country. This course helps to master  difficult Russian grammar, apply it in oral speech, communicate by different topics & comprehend Russian.

I’m sure that our cooperation will be fruitful, useful & interesting


+ 38 (050) 86-11-578
+ 38 (098) 465-22-84

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